Armed Forces

When the Armourers' Company was founded in 1322, the main purpose of its members was the manufacture of armour for combat.  Armourers often travelled with soldiers to battle, repairing damaged equipment and making new armour.

As Armourers to the Services, the Company played a special role in the defence of the City of London.  In the 16th Century, in recognition of its special responsibility as Armourers to the City's defenders, the Company was exempt from the duty to defend a particular Ward of the City of London as other livery companies were required to do.  In the 17th Century the Company shared its hall with the Honourable Artillery Company.
The connection with the Armed Forces persists to this day, notably in the regular support given by the Armourers & Brasiers Gauntlet Trust to the 68th (Inns of Court, City and Essex Yeomanry) Signals Squadron, a squadron of the 71st (City of London) Yeomanry Signal Regiment, and its associated cadet units.  The Trust also supports the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (Princess Royal's Volunteer Corps and several military charities, including the Ulysses Trust which supports adventure training for military volunteer reserve and cadet units.


Each year the following prizes for excellence are awarded to young servicemen and women.

Royal Navy

Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth
  • Since 1995, an award has been made to the Most Promising Young Engineer Officer.
Faslane Flotilla 
  • Since 2003, a prize has been awarded for the Greatest Contribution to the Improvement of the Submarine Squadrons' Sustainability over the preceding twelve months.  That is, the ability of a submarine or submarines to maintain a required level of operational capability for a protracted period.
  • Since 2007, a prize has also been awarded for the Greatest Contribution to the Improvement of the Minor War Vessel Squadron's Sustainability over the preceding twelve months.
HMS Collingwood
Prizes are awarded for the following: 
  • The Best Weapons Engineering Student
  • The Armourer's Prize for the Best Qualifier on the Ordnance and Control Stream on the Artificer Qualifying Course.
  • The Armoury Prize for the Best Qualifier on the Small Arms Maintainer Course.
Royal Marines
  • Since 1976, a prize has been awarded to the Best Armourer on the Royal Marines Armourers' 3rd Class Course.

Royal Armoured Corps
  • Since 1954 a silver statuette, depicting St George slaying the Dragon, taken from the Ancient Seal of the Armourers' Company, has been awarded to the Best Overall Student on each Troop Leaders' Course, held three times each year.
Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
  • Since 1956, a silver medal, showing the Company seal, has ben awarded for the Best All-round Performance by a REME Armourer at the Corps Skill at Arms Meeting.
  • Since 1990, a prize has been awarded to the Best Student on the Artificers Weapons Course.

Army Cadets

The Gauntlet Trust supports the 35 (Whipps Cross) and 31 (Ilford) units of the City of London & North East Sector Army Cadet Force. 

Royal Air Force

RAF Cosford
  • Since 1998, a prize has been awarded to the Most Outstanding Graduate of the Engineering Officer Foundation Training Course.

8 Squadron Royal Air Force
  • Since 2016, a prize for Innovation & Excellence in Engineering 


The Master presenting the Company's Armourer's Prize at HMS Collingwood